Notes on Thomas Starcher

There are many "Thomas Starchers" listed in the genealogy of Jacob Starcher among Don Norman's files.

Family oral history informs us that the Allen B. Starcher family of Daniels Run, Calhoun County West Virginia descended through Philip Starcher, an early settler of Calhoun County.

From census records and other records we know that the Starcher family line to Allen B. Starcher of Daniels Run, Calhoun County West Virginia came through Thomas Jackson and Mary E. Smith Starcher, parents of Allen B. Starcher. The 1900 Lee District Calhoun County Census, on-line AT THIS LINK on the Calhoun County West Virginia GenWeb site maintained by Linda Fluharty, indicates...
Thomas...Head...WM...Dec 20 yrs...Farmer...WV WV WV
Mary E...Wife...WF...Sep 1863...36...8/7...WV WV WV
Estella...Dau...WF...May 1881...19...Seamstress...WV WV WV
Charles W...Son...WM...Mar 1883...17...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Allen B...Son...WM...Jul 1885...14...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Fred A...Son...WM...Jan 1889...11...Farm Laborer...WV WV WV
Carl C...Son...WM...Sep 1891...8...WV WV WV
Leona M...Dau...WF...Jul 1896...3...WV WV WV
Roy F...Son...WM...Sep 1899...8/12...WV WV WV
The father of this Thomas Jackson Starcher was yet another Thomas Starcher, as evidenced by marriage records from Calhoun County, on-line AT THIS LINK, which lists the parents of Thomas Jackson Starcher, groom of Mary E. Smith, as Thomas Starcher and Asenath Norman.

The relationship between Thomas Starcher and Asenath (Booher) Norman is recorded on the Booher page at Don Norman's Family Files.
Asenath Booher, a daughter of Jacob and Nancy (McCune) Booher, was born in Ritchie County Vin 1842 and died May 24, 1927. She married William Zinn Norman in Calhoun County VA (WV) September 22, 1860.

William, a son of James Nedley and Catherine (Summers) Norman, was born in VA about 1839 and died before 1870.

Asenath was apparently pregnant when she was married. Her first child, Thomas Jackson Starcher, was born in December 1860. His father was Thomas Starcher, a son of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher. Thomas was born about 1832 and is believed to have died in the Civil War after June 17, 1864.

Asenath was listed as a widow in the 1870 Calhoun County WV census. She had three children living with her. She apparently had two more children.

Child of Thomas Starcher and Azenith Booher.
22. (1). Thomas Jackson Starcher b.Dec 1860
      m. Mary E. Smith Feb 8 1880

Children of William Zinn and Asenith (Booher) Norman.

23. (1). William O. Norman b.c. 1863

Other children of Asenath (booher) Norman.

24. (1). Charles B. Rogers b.c. 1867
25. (2). Hannibal Maffett b.Jan 1871
      m. Jennie -----

26. (3). Clara Elizabeth Norman b.Feb 6 1876 d.Aug 17 1953
m. Thomas Alexander Hopkins Nov 22 1903

This Thomas Starcher, who fathered a child with Aseneth Booher, is believed to be Thomas Starcher the son of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher, born approximately 1832. This is in fact the line identified by Victor Starcher.

As noted, there are many "Thomas Starchers" listed in the geneology of Jacob Starcher among Don Norman's files: namely...
William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher, b.Sep 30 1822, d.Mar 10 1894. This Thomas Starcher is noted to be the husband of Nancy Wayne (McElwain) and Sarah Husk.

Thomas Starcher, born approximately 1833, a son of Jacob Starcher, who was a son of John and Jane Elizabeth (Radcliff) Starcher. This does not appear to be the Thomas Starcher we are interested in, as he did not come through Philip Starcher. This Thomas Starcher descended from John Starcher who was a brother of Philip Starcher.

There is yet another Thomas J. Starcher noted in the John Starcher line, born May 1852. This Thomas Starcher would obviously have been too young to have fathered a child with Aseneth Booher in 1860.
This leaves us with Thomas Starcher, born approximately 1832, son of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher:
Adam Starcher, a son of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher, was born in Harrison County VA (WV) December 25, 1808 and died in Calhoun County WV February 8, 1881. He married Phoebe Coger August 28, 1828 in Kanawha County VA (now Calhoun County, WV). Phoebe, a daughter of Peter and Mary (McElwain) Coger, was born in Franklin County VA January 6, 1814 and died February 13, 1899.

Children of Adam and Phoebe (Coger) Starcher.
119. (1). Sarah "Sally" b.c. 1830
       m.Asa Hamrick

120. (2). Thomas b.c. 1832

121. (3). Jacob P. b.c. 1834
      m.Minerva Stallman
      m.Margaret Cogar

122. (4). William b.c. 1836 d.Jan 2 1866

123. (5). Henry b. 1839 d. 1915
      m.Elizabeth Slider
      m.Matilda Greathouse

124. (6). Peter Simon b.c. 1843 d. 1896
      m.Sarah Wilson Oct 4 1866

125. (7). John Jehu b.Sep 20 1845 d.Aug 14 1874
      m.Susanna Kirby Jun 15 1868

126. (8). Mary "Polly" b. 1849
      M.John Bailey Jul 9 1871

127. (9). Elizabeth "Betty" b.Mar 8 1850 d.Nov 14 1902
       m.George William Gibson Aug 17 1865
The following entry for Thomas Starcher is found on the page "Some Civil War Soldiers of Calhoun County," on the Calhoun County West Virginia GenWeb site maintained by Linda Fluharty:
STARCHER, Thomas, Co. A 3rd Virginia State Line(Moccasin Rangers). Private, Co. A, 19th Virginia Cavalry Enlisted on 29 Aug. 1862 in Pocahontas Co., Va. Present on 28 Feb. 1863. Born Kanawha Co., W.Va. about 1832 (1835). Age 25, Calhoun County 1860 Census. Enlisted Williamsburg, Greenbrier Co., W.Va., 1 Mar. 1863. Not stated if present or absent on muster-in-roll dated March 1863. Employed as a laborer at Warm Springs, W.Va. 15 Jan. 1864-29 Feb. 1864. Signs by X. Clothing issued 21 Apr. 1864 and 17 June 1864. Believed to have been killed in action. Brother of Jehu and Peter Starcher. C.S.A.
Victor Starcher, in a taped interview, indicates that Thomas Starcher was in fact a Confederate soldier. Victor reports having been told by his great-great uncle George Gibson, that Grandfather Thomas was captured once, held in a prison perhaps near Baltimore MD, escaped by crawling out through a sewer, and vowed never to be taken prisoner again. Thomas later found himself surrounded by Union soldiers, fought them off, clubbed several of them, was shot in the back while trying to run away, and "had his brains clubbed out."

The internet holds numerous pages detailing the history of the Moccasin Rangers. This band of irregulars is often described as bushwhackers, outlaws, and plunderers. Names associated with the Moccasin Rangers include Perry Conley, George Duskey, Nancy Hart, and others. Their reputation became such that apparently even the Confederate Army of Robert E. Lee called for their disbandment. Records indicate that elements of the 3rd Virginia State Line (Moccasin Rangers) were rolled in to the 19th Virginia Cavalry.


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