Notes on William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher

William Thomas "Bluehead" was born September 30, 1822 and died March 10, 1894, the son of Philip Starcher and Rebecca Mace.

These family relationships are depicted as documented on the Starcher page at Don' Norman's Family Files.

Don Norman notes...
William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher, a son of Philip and Rebecca (Mace) Starcher, was born in Kanawha County VA (WV) September 30, 1822 and died March 10, 1894. He married Nancy McElwain in Kanawha County VA (WV) May 17, 1840. Nancy, a daughter of Tunis and Catherine (Propst) McElwain, was born in Pendleton County VA (WV) May 15, 1816 and died November 1, 1871 in Calhoun County, WV and is buried in the Winter Cemetary, near Walnut Grove, Calhoun County WV. William is buried at Dry Hill, Calhoun County, WV.

Children of William Thomas "Bluehead" and Nancy (McElwain)Starcher.

156. (1). Salina b.Feb 8 1841 d.Nov 15 1918
         m.Henry Harrison Mace May 31 1860

157. (2). Minerva b. Dec 5 1842 d. Jun 10 1911
         m.Joseph Nutter Apr 30 1863

158. (3). Perry b.c. 1844 d. 1910
         m.Louisa Mace
         m.Emeline (Lynch) Whytsell

159. (4). Salathiel b.Jan 9 1846 d.Oct 29 1930
         m.Elizabeth Slider Jan 22 1868

160. (5). Wesley b.Jan 1849 d. 1932
         m.Julia Ann Lynch Mar 11 1869

161. (6). Melissa b.Sep 8 1851 d.Jun 22 1933
         m.George B. Hickman Oct 20 1869

162. (7). Melissa Jane b. 1852
         m. George Hickman Oct 20, 1869 Calhoun County WV

163. (8). Dorothea b. 1852 d.Jan 26 1857

164. (9). Jerusha b.c. 1854 d.Aug 6 1938
         m.Adolphus P. Clark Mar 3 1874

165. (10). Emerancy b.Nov 17 1856 d. 1909
         m.George Stump Nov 8 1873

166. (11). Ann
An image of the 1860 Federal census for Calhoun County Virginia is reproduced below. Two pages are included, illustrating those who lived in the neighborhood of Willimam "Bluehead" Starcher who have family connections. For example....
Reason Curby (Kirby), wife Nancy, and children James W., Indiana, and Mary: Reason Kirby was a brother of John Wesley Kirby who married Ruhama Stallman in 1862. (Ruhama's family is listed adjacent to the Bluehead Starcher family). Wesley and Ruhama Stallman Kirby were the parents of Lydia Kirby who married Joseph Edwin Starcher, Bluehead's grandson. Wesley and Ruhama Stallman Kirby's daughter Anna married Asa Everson, brother of Bertie Everson Duvall Price, mother of Icie Duvall.

Living next door to Bluehead were newlyweds Harrison (Henry Harrison) Mace and Salina Starcher Mace, Bluehead's daughter. Henry Harrison Mace was the son of Henry Mace, and a nephew of Rebecca Mace Starcher (the wife of Philip Starcher). Henry Harrison Mace's mother was Sarah Cogar Mace, the daughter of John Peter Cogar and the sister of Phoebe Cogar, Adam Starcher's wife.

Isaac W. Nutter: Isaac's sister Nancy Nutter was married to Jacob Starcher, a brother of William "Bluehead" Starcher. Jacob and Nancy Nutter Starcher's son Philip married Louisa Stallman, daughter of Peter and Jane Stallman, sister of Ruhama Stallman. Isaac's brother Levi was the second husband of Sarah "Sally" Starcher, sister of William "Bluehead" Starcher. Isaac W. Nutter's son Joseph H. Nutter married Minerva Starcher, the daughter of William "Bluehead" Starcher.

Henry and Elizabeth (McElwain) Starcher. Henry was the brother of William "Bluehead" Starcher. Henry's wife, Elizabeth McElwain, was the sister of William "Bluehead" Starcher's wife, Nancy McElwain Starcher, and the cousin of Phoebe Cogar, the wife of Adam Starcher, Bluehead's brother.

A marriage record AT THIS LINK documents the marriage of April 6, 1879 of William Starcher, age 56, born in Kanawha County, son of Philip and Rebecca Starcher, a widower, to Sarah E. Husk, age 19, daughter of Samuel Husk and Dorcas Husk.

William "Billy Bluehead" is described as a "mover and shaker" in the establishment of the Walnut Grove Church in Calhoun County WV. Bob Weaver's Hur Herald has several fine articles about this, an example of which may be reviewed AT THIS LINK.

The descendants of this line are so numerous that it is not practical to draw a family tree on one page which includes all the names listed on Don Norman's page. Linked below are a couple of family trees.

Selected family tree to Willard C. Starcher and William Jennings Starcher
Note that no claim of completeness in made regarding this line, particularly in the line that leads to Willard C. Starcher. Also note that in the depiction of the Willard C. Starcher line, the following assumption is made: On the Starcher page Don Norman lists Wesley Clay Starcher, grandson of William Thomas "Bluehead" Starcher through Wesley Starcher, as having married Grace Sturm in 1905. No other descendants of Wesley Clay Starcher are available on that particular page. However, the Carper page in Don's Normans files, includes the following notation:
Dorothy Ann Carper, a daughter of Charles W. and Elizabeth Jane (Thomas) Carper, was born August 30, 1911. She married Willard C. Starcher August 25, 1936 (sic). Willard, a son of Clay and Grace (Sturm) Starcher, was born June 26, 1906 and died November 20, 1974.
An image of the marriage certificate of Willard C. Starcher and Dorothy Ann Carper is available AT THIS LINK indicating the marriage date as August 25, 1929.

An assumption is made that the "Clay Starcher" mentioned on the Carper page, as having married Grace Sturm is the same person as "Wesley Clay Starcher" mentioned on the Starcher page as having married Grace Sturm in 1905. An image of the marriage certificate of Clay Starcher and Grace Sturm is available AT THIS LINK.

Selected family tree to Roy and Edna Starcher Cooper.
Noted in passing, Edna Starcher Cooper had a distant relationship to Delma Justine Starcher Miller. (fourth cousins - they shared a 3-great grandfather, Philip Starcher). Justine and Corley bought property from Roy and Edna Cooper on which they built their house on Scaffold Run in 1973. They were neighbors, and Corley preached at Edna's funeral.


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